How to Export as STL in Fusion 360


You would like to export your Fusion 360 model as an STL file.


There are two ways to export an STL file. The preferred method is outlined below.

Right-click a component in the Browser > select Save as Mesh (formerly Save as STL).

Select additional components or bodies (optional). Set the Format to STL (Binary) or STL (ASCII). The default settings are often sufficient. Click OK > choose the location > Save.

Save as STL Dialog

  • Selection: Choose the bodies or components to export as an STL.
  • Format: Binary and ASCII are two encoding methods for storing data. Binary files are smaller and easier to share. ASCII files are visually easy to read and check. Binary format (which is the default) is recommended for 3D printing.
  • Structure: If more than one body is selected, choose whether the export is one file or one file per body.
  • Preview Mesh: Check to preview how the model will be converted to a mesh file.
  • Number of Triangles: How many triangle facets make up the STL mesh body.
  • Refinement: Increase or decrease the number of triangles. Select from High, Medium, Low, or Custom. High will give a higher resolution through more triangles, while custom allows you to define the exact number.
  • Refinement Options: Adjust the deviation, length, and ratio of the STL facets.
  • Output - Send to 3D Print Utility: Send the file directly to your 3D printer's slicer by selecting the desired application. To set up a new program select > Custom > select the Folder > select the Application on your computer.

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