Export vs Save As in Fusion 360 (What's the difference?)


You would like to know the difference between  File > Export and File > Save As in Fusion 360.


File > Export uses 'cloud' translation. The processing is done on Autodesk servers and does not consume any of your local CPU. Export also includes the choice of the following file extensions:

  • F3D
  • IGES
  • SAT
  • SMP
  • STEP
  • FBX
  • OBJ
  • STL
  • DWG
  • DXF

Export a file in Fusion 360

File > Save As lets you create a copy of the file. Choose a name and location.  Note: The file must be saved before you can use Save As.

Save as creates a new file in Fusion 360

Save as STL

Right-click on a component in the Browser > Save as STL

Save as STL in Fusion 360 uses local CPU

Save as STL will let you save as an STL (Standard Tessellation Language) file. This process is done client-side (using your local CPU), while File > Export > STL will use the cloud (Autodesk servers) and may take longer to process. Save as STL also gives you the option to define the refinement or format.

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