Adding Comments to a Model in Fusion 360


You would like to add comments or annotations to your design in Fusion 360.

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The Comments pane allows you to see recent changes in the design. Add Comments or Notes that are visible to anyone invited to the project. Saved versions of the design are listed in the Versions tab.


Click  + in the lower-left corner to expand the Comments pane.


You must first Save the Fusion 360 document to add comments, screenshots, and attachments.


Type your desired comment(s) in the Comments pane.

Optional: Click the Camera to include a captured image in the comment. Click the Cube and select a 3D body to link the comment to an object. Click the Plus Symbol and an edge of the 3D body to link the comment to a point on the object.


Click Post to post your comment. Click Cancel to dismiss your comment.

Posted comments will appear in the Comments pane. Anyone with access to the Project can Reply to existing comments or create new comments.

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