How to Share a Fusion 360 File


You would like to share a Fusion 360 file.


  • How do I share my Fusion 360 file?
  • How do I send a Fusion 360 file to someone?


Personal Use (Hobbyist) License Holders

Those on the free Personal Use (Hobbyist) license will not be able to use the Share Public Link option below.
Instead, go to File > Export > Export your .f3d file (native Fusion 360 file type) > attach the file to email or desired method of communication.

Fusion 360 is a cloud-based CAD/CAM package, which makes sharing files easy and efficient. Share a Public Link to ensure the recipient receives the latest version of your file.


With your Fusion 360 file open, go to File > Share > Public Link


A modal will appear and the first toggle 'Share the latest version with anyone using this public link' will automatically turn on. Turn the second toggle, ' Allow item to be downloaded,' as desired.


Copy the Share URL and paste in your desired method of communication, such as email.

Paste the URL into a Web Browser or click the hyperlink to view the Fusion 360 file via the A360 online hub. Recipients can open the File in Fusion 360 or Download as a specific file type via the buttons in the upper-righthand corner.

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