How to Edit Splines in Fusion 360


You would like to edit a Fit Point Spline created in Fusion 360. 


Editing Sketch Geometry

Edit the sketch that contains the spline geometry. Right-click on the Spline in the canvas (model) > Edit Sketch.
Controlling splines is all about making sure you have the ideal amount of spline points. In general, you should have a spline point any time the shape changes direction. Always minimize the number of spline points.

Add (Insert) Spline Points

Right-click on the spline (it should be highlighted in blue) > select 'Insert Spline Fit Point' > a crosshair will appear when you hover over the spline, simply click anywhere on the spline. You can add as many points as necessary, but the goal should always be to keep the spline points to a minimum so you can control them.

Add Spline Points in Fusion 360

Delete Spline Points

Simply select a spline point > delete key on your keyboard. Alternatively, right-click on a spline point and select delete.

Delete Spline Points in Fusion 360

Move the Whole Spline

Hover over the spline until you see the blue highlight. Click (hold) and drag the spline around. Note that it will only move in ways that it is not constrained. Sketch constraints applied to it will limit how you can move it.

Move spline geometry in Fusion 360

Adjust Spline Points

Hover over the spline near the spline point. A white point will appear when your mouse cursor is over the spline point. Click (hold) and drag on the spline point. Release the point at the desired position. Alternatively, apply sketch constraints or dimensions to spline points to position them precisely.

Adjust spline points in Fusion 360

Tip: Fit Point Splines

Remember, sketch constraints may restrict sketch geometry from being altered. To see sketch constraints, simply select the geometry and look for the glyphs/icons that appear - often near the endpoints.

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