Why Doesn’t Fusion 360 Look Directly at the Sketch?


Fusion 360 does not automatically reorient to look directly at the sketch.

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Turn on the “Auto Look at Sketch” setting in your Preferences.

Select your Username

Select Preferences

Select the Design Tab

select the design tab in Fusion 360 preferences

Make sure “Auto Look at Sketch” is checked. If not, check the option and hit the “Apply” button.

Check the Auto Look at Sketch in Fusion 360 preferences

Turn off 3D Sketch in Sketch Palette A setting in the Sketch Palette can be the issue if “Auto look at sketch” is turned on. Make sure to uncheck the “3D Sketch” option in the Sketch Palette.

3D Sketch in Fusion 360

3D Sketch effects Auto Look at Sketch

With 3D sketch turned on, Fusion 360 will prompt you to select the next plane or surface to sketch on. The 3D Sketch option will override the “Auto look at sketch” functionality.

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