Day #4: Whiskey Bottle - Warning: The selected rail does not touch all of the profiles.


When selecting Loft guide rails for the Whiskey Bottle, you get the error " Warning: The selected rail does not touch all of the profiles.

The selected rail does not touch all of the profiles


A default setting change in Fusion 360 has caused this discrepancy (see steps below). All sketch profiles must be touched by Loft guide rails. When guide rails are made with 2 or more sketch entities, they must be touching each other. Use the Project or Intersect command to ensure geometry snaps to one another.

Cancel/delete the Loft command. Delete the last sketch in the timeline (the guide rail sketch). Right-click on the Sketch > Delete.

Cancel the loft command in Fusion 360

Turn on  Auto Project Edges on Reference in your Preferences. Select your initials/profile photo in the upper-right > Preferences > Design (tab) > Check Auto Project Edges on Reference > Apply > close dialog.
This setting will automatically project/intersect the sketch profiles when you draw the guide rails, ensuring they stay connected.

Turn on Auto Project Edges on Reference in Fusion 360

Create a new sketch on the XY (or XZ) origin plane and re-sketch the Spline and straight Line. They should snap into the 4 existing sketch profiles.

Create a new sketch on the XY plane in Fusion 360

Check that the top spline handle is connected to the straight line above. Select the spline on the left-hand side. The spline handles will appear. If not, click and drag on the top handle until it snaps into the top line.

Make sure the spline handle is snapped to the straight line in Fusion 360

Recreate the center construction line that will be used with the Mirror command. Activate the Sketch Mirror command (SKETCH tab > Create > Mirror) and mirror the spline and line.

Mirror the sketch geometry in Fusion 360

The Loft command will now let you select the guide rails. Note: Make sure to use the Blue solid Loft command.

Select the guide rails in the Fusion 360 Loft dialog

Tip: Using Guide Rails with Lofts

Click and drag on the endpoints of sketch geometry that will be used as guide rails. If the ends do not move, they are snapped into the geometry and the guide rails will work without an error. If the endpoints do move, you will need to constrain them to ensure they are truly snapped to the sketch profiles. Use the Intersect command to ensure there is always a sketch object to snap to.

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