Day #1: Can't Snap Tangent Circle to Bottom of Lego in Fusion 360


Day #1 Lego Tutorial: You're trying to create the circle on the bottom of the Lego, but the tangent snap does not work.


A change in Fusion 360's default settings has caused this. You will need to turn Auto Project Edges on Reference in your Preferences. Alternatively, you can use the Project feature to manually project the reference geometry.

Turning On Auto Project Edges on Reference

Open your Preferences dialog by selecting your Username (upper right-hand corner) > Preferences

  1. Select the Design tab of the dialog.
  2. Select Auto project edges on reference to turn it on
  3. Select Apply to activate the setting
  4. Select OK to close the dialog

Important: Auto Project Edges on Reference only works when you are viewing the sketch straight on. This will happen automatically if you have the "Auto Look At Sketch" preference turned on. Otherwise, select the "Look At" button in the Sketch Palette. This requirement prevents accidental projections while you are viewing the model at an angle.

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