Can't Move SVG in Fusion 360


You inserted an SVG in Fusion 360 and cannot move it.


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  • Can't move sketch or SVG in Fusion 360.


SVG files are automatically locked with the 'Fix' constraint. This avoids SVG geometry from becoming corrupted. SVG geometry is converted into Fusion 360's native sketch geometry, often making up hundreds or thousands of sketch entities.

Unlock SVG in Fusion 360


Click and drag over the entire SVG.

Click and drag over the entire SVG in Fusion 360


The entire SVG should be selected in blue.

The entire SVG should be blue in Fusion 360


Select the Unfix constraint in the Fusion 360 toolbar.

Select the Fix/Unfix Constraint in Fusion 360


The SVG is now unlocked. Lightblue sketch geometry is not constrained and can be moved or altered.

The Fusion 360 is Unlocked after Unfixing It

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