Reorganize Components in the Fusion 360 Browser


You would like to reorganize components in the Fusion 360 Browser.

  • Restructure Fusion 360 Browser
  • How to create subassemblies in Fusion 360


Components in the Fusion 360 Browser are listed in the order they were created. Fusion 360 is a parametric modeler, which means components will match the order they were created in your parametric timeline. Drag and drop features/components in the Parametric timeline, which will reorder them in the Browser as well.

Organize components in the Browser by creating subassemblies (groups).

Creating Subassemblies in Fusion 360

Create a New Component to serve as the Subassembly. New components are nested underneath the active component. To nest the component elsewhere, set the desired Parent component.

Hold the shift key and select all the components you would like to move.

Drag the selected (blue) components > release them on top of the desired Subassebmly component.

The components are now nested underneath the subassembly component.

Important: Timeline Marker Location

The black parametric timeline marker must be all the way at the end of the timeline. Otherwise, you will not be able to reorder or group components. Components/features may reference other features in the timeline so the order of features and components does matter.

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