How to Create Custom Appearances in Fusion 360


You need a custom appearance in Fusion 360.


Duplicate an existing appearance and edit the settings. Import an image to create a custom texture.

Select Modify dropdown > Activate Appearance. Alternatively, use the shortcut letter A.

Activate appearance in Fusion 360

Start by finding an appearance closest to the desired appearance. Drag and drop the appearance to the top area titled "In This Design."

Duplicate an appearance in Fusion 360

Right-click on the appearance > Duplicate. This creates a copy of the appearance, allowing you to rename and modify the appearance.

Create custom appearance in Fusion 360

Right-click on the duplicate appearance > Edit. Type the new appearance name (i.e. Birch).

Type the new appearance in the Fusion 360 dialog

Select the  Advanced button. Select the Image (located under Parameters). Select the source link (ie. wood_oak_color.jpg), which is usually a jpg or png.

Select the image option in the Fusion 360 dialog

Another dialog will open. Select a .jpg or .png image from your local computer. Select Open. Tip: Search 'free birch plywood texture' on Google images and sort by high-resolution.

Select the desired image from your computer

The appearance will now resemble the selected image. Adjust the advanced settings below (the rest of the dialog) to further define the custom appearance. Hit Apply to save the appearance.

Save the appearance in Fusion 360
Replace the Relief Pattern (Bump) with a white and black image. Bump defines larger-scale features than you can achieve with Roughness, like dents, cracks, and grooves. Apply an image where those features are defined, with white corresponding to peaks and black to valleys.

Apply a relief pattern bump in Fusion 360

Drag and drop the appearance to the desired component in the Browser or Canvas.

Drag and drop the appearance in Fusion 360

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