Can You Share a Fusion 360 Project with Others?


You would like to share a Fusion 360 project with someone.


You can Share a Public Link or you can invite a user to a project.

The Personal Use License only allows people to view the files. A Commercial Fusion 360 License is required to have collaborators that can edit the files.


Open a Project in the Data Panel > select the "Open on the Web" icon.


Your Fusion 360 hub will open on your default internet browser. Select the "Project Members" tab.

The Project Members tab will display all current users that have access to the project. You'll see a blue Invite button in the upper-righthand corner.


A dialog will open where you can enter the email addresses of everyone you'd like to invite. Once you send invitations, users will receive an email and they will have to accept the invitation from the email in order to gain access to the Project.

Note: see the permissions warning circled in the image below that describes the restriction (view-only) based on the Personal license type.

How to Share Public Link in Fusion 360

In Fusion 360 > File > Share > Share Public Link > Toggle the 'Make Downlodable' option > Copy and Paste the URL > Share anywhere a URL is accepted.

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